3chic is a small Italian company that for years, with passion, is committed to creating a quality product.


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Our bags are born from the desire to create much more than just an accessory.The 3chic bags are a small means to enhance the beauty and femininity of every woman and give her new shapes and colors, to wear every day.


Behind the creation of each bag there is study, conception and research. Solid and decennialexperience in the selection of leather and quality materials. Attention to details and precise work.Willingness to remain connected to the territory and to enhance Made in Italy.All ingredients, which we believe, serve to give added value to what is produced.

Partnership between school and company


It's an educational experience that combines knowledge and practice, directs the aspirations of students and opens up teaching to the outside world.

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In 2016 we decided to accept the request of Elena, one of our ex-employee that later became a teacher, and join the project of alternating school and work with the Liceo Artistico Statale di Treviso (our local art school). Many students helped us in the company and some of them still spend the afternoons with us. They help us and assist in the study and realization of paper patterns - fundamental for the production of bags in the various leathers - in the creation of objects for fair events and in the development of graphic material for communication.