Our Story

At the beginning  3chic bags was born almost as a game on the kitchen table of Marco and Deborah. She was an administrative employee with a passion for fashion and refined style. He grew up in a family of merchants for generations, and he became a shoe retailer of well-known Italian and international brands.Together they opened a small clothing and accessories store in the historic center of Treviso. After a while they decided to try to make some bags for their store.

Thanks to quality leathers and bright colors, the customers of the center fell in love and the voice began to circulate outside the walls of Treviso. Other retailers asked to sell the bags of the new 3chic brand.Not everyone knows that in the name - besides the reference to French très chic - very chic - there is also a tribute to their city Treviso: 3 - TREviso. Numer three in Italian is TRE.

Marco and Deborah's kitchen was no longer enough. They needed a larger space, a real office and someone to help them in this project that was growing day by day. The company Il Gatto di Made was born.The 3chic brand is enriched every year with new models, leathers and colors. There are numerous fairs in Italy and abroad where the bags are displayed and presented.A network of agents in the various regions of the peninsula deals with sales. The shops where you can find 3chic collections increase, as well as loyal customers

Il Gatto di Made has moved to the outskirts of its city Treviso. A new building hosts the offices and the warehouse. The staff has increased, as has the production.The initial spirit, however, as well as the creativity and the desire to create an Italian artisan product of quality, are always the same.